We do a lot of print projects at RSD, and sometime it is easier to just upload your materials as opposed to emailing. Plus, it is easier to keep track of and ensure that your data is correct.  Here is how you upload artwork to RSD.  

Please fill out all fields so we know who to get in touch with if any issue arises with your work.

Attach a file and select Submit.  It really is just that easy.  If you are having issues uploading your work.  Feel free to drop us a line.

contact RSD


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*File must be an adobe .pdf file: CMYK color mode, "High Quality" 300dpi, all text embedded.
RSD is not responsible for incorrect color properties or fonts if files are not provided in the required format. All efforts will be made to bring any issues to the attention of the advertiser prior to printing.

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Submission may take up to 5 minutes depending on file size.  All files are also scanned for virus threats and potential errors.  Do not reload/refresh your page until you are provided with a Thank you page for your submission.

While your artwork uploads, grab another cup of coffee, kick back and relax!

Thank you,
The RSD Team