If you like what your see here... we would love to talk with you and see how RSD can change your business or community.  Our project team has a passion for emmersing ourselves into quality brand identity and marketing projects, and look forward to designing for you.

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POWERFUL BRANDS COMMUNICATE: RSD is known for its destination branding throughout the State of Michigan.  Our team has been successfully developing and reinventing communities and their brands since our founding in 2010. We have created thriving brands for small destinations retail businesses all the way to multi-county collaborative groups partnering with Pure Michigan.  

We are not that agency that invades your community, presents a plan and leaves implementation for another day.  Our unique process takes you from initial planning all the way through initial execution and well beyond.  All of our destination clients that we have designed community/ collaborative brands for are still working with our team to foster the growth and advancement of their identities.   Through our branding process we specialize in:

- Strategic Planning & Brand Architecture Development
- Community & Stakeholder Planning
- Brand Palette Development & Use Guidelines

- Implementation of your Brand using the services that follow....

DYNAMIC WEBSITES CONNECT: Behind every great brand and business, there is always an online storefront.  At RSD, we do not build webpages... we build online businesses that drive traffic and grow your business.  We understand that a website isn't enough in today's market, so we have positioned ourselves to offer fully integrated website marketing solutions.  We specialize in:

- Website Design and Development
- Social Network Marketing
- Pay Per Click & Digital Advertising
- Mobile Application Development (for smartphones and tablets)

PROGRESSIVE GRAPHICS INFORM: Creativity and originality is what every agency needs to survive in this competitive market.  RSD has positioned itself to be a leader in print marketing and publication design in the travel and tourism field thanks to in-depth research and positioning.  All of our travel guides and print media are targeted and highly customized to meet the current marketing needs of our clients.  We specialize in:

- Travel & Destination Guide Development
- Mapping, Trail and Tour Planning Integration (We also integrate into our digital and mobile market as well)

CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS EMPOWER: We strive to develop high quality marketing and advertising campaigns through the media outlets that yield the highest results for our clients in their desired growth/market area.  Comprehensive yearly advertising campaigns, or short promotion campaigns are all within our skill set and we can tailor a custom solution for your business.  We specialize in:

- Creative Outdoor Advertising & Marketing Strategies
- Direct Marketing through mail, web and other PR solutions
- High Quality TV and Radio campaigns